hello again

By admirer


We started today at noon ( still a bit tired after yesterday' s  trip, for our walk into the center of Vienna.
We walked the Margaretenstrasse till the end. A nice street with all kinds of little, mostly simple shops. We reached the Karlsplatz, passed the Opera and walked into the Kärtnestrasse, really totally filled with tourists.
After a while we turned to the left and visited the Peter Church.
From there we walked towards the Danube canal, sat in little park on a bench in the lovely sunshine. Ate our sanwich.
We walked the bridge over the canal into the Taborstrasse till we came upon the Augarten. In a big beautiful old Palace the Wiener Sängerknaben live, practice and attend school there too. Standing for the gate we heard them sing for a while.
We lay down in the grass, nearly fell asleep and walked further to where the park ends and made a turn and left it. We crossed the canal again and found the Underground nr 4 at the other side, whih brought us near ourlLittle apartment. In the Spar shop we bought some items for our meal.

I have found the name of the bird which I showed a picture of on Saturday, it is called a Waldrappe (german name) and the latin name is Geronticus eremita. and in english: hermit Ibis.
It seems there still live colonies of these birds in Morocco in a National Park. A Wikipedia site gives a lot of Information, but somehow I could not find it again.

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