On Some Days

By V1k1

Wide Wednesday . . . Straight Up

I have to thank Bob for extending my walk today.  When I read the straight up topic I knew I would head up the hill to the pylons.  I wish I had included more foreground but too bad.  It was a clam warm morning and there were lots of lyric clad walkers.  Sorry Kathy I was too slow to get the biker who gave me a cherry good morning.  The extra is my path straight up to the steep part.  Nearly three years ago when we moved here I huffed and puffed my way up to the pylons.  Today I did stop to take a photo or two catch my breath but really it was not a big deal to get up high.  
This afternoon I had a good coffee and counseling met up with Annabel.  Fresh asparagus from the garden tonight so lots to be thankful for. I also got a text from my friend saying thank you for being normal with her yesterday.  You were all very kind about my little forget me not yesterday.  Thank you, thank you.   

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