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Tiny ..........

 .......... selection of leaves on the pavement as I went for a Whisper Walk!
As for Barking's optional challenge of ''Creative'' - thanks, Barking - well, Mother Nature is creative in many ways - especially design and colours - and in this case the wind was also creative in its random arrangement of these leaves for me to photograph.

For the less fainthearted amongst us in the extras is the "throat cutting incision" performed on Himself by the very skilled surgeon - it goes from his ear lobe (at the top of the pic) almost to his Adam's apple bottom left of the pic - five and a half inches (almost 14 cms) ....... I actually took this photo on Monday when I changed the dressing but, as it's an extra, I claim immunity from a telling-off!!  lol

To say this is just 72 hours after the op I am amazed at the neatness, the lack of redness and just the overall look of the wound.  
There is still a lot of swelling, some pain and his throat is quite sore but overall it's way better than we were expecting and I think visual scarring will be minimal down the line - I imagine the neck is difficult to operate on and it's certainly difficult when it comes to applying a sticky dressing and the patient cannot move his head to stretch the skin!!!

We were discussing the addition of a bolt for that authentic Halloween look!!!!!!!!!!!   :o))

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement, kindness, well-wishes, love and everything else ........ we are very thankful for all our blip-buddies.

~ Anni ~

Backblipped early on Wednesday 16 October for Tuesday 15 October 2019.

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