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Abstract .........

 ............ Thursday277  (AT277)  -  with thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host - the optional challenge, this week, is "natural" - ie, very little post processing.   
A slight straighten and the addition of BB2020 is all this has had.

Our new swanky (hopefully) greenhouse is arriving next Wednesday and the "installers" (it seems they install g/houses not erect them) will be here the following Tuesday to put it all together on our prepared area.      
See extras 1, 2 and 3 for progress made on the 'plot'.   It's been hard work (or so my back tells me! lol)

Today I went out to collect the chair I ordered for Himself (his standing capabilities, without support, last about ten minutes if we're lucky) and whilst out I popped into a pet shop and bought a 'greenhouse bed' for Whisper as I know he'll want to be either inside the g/house or very close.  
Our gorgeous mutt is totally ruined!!!   :o))

The bed is my abstract for today - it's as soft as a soft thing, padded and quite big (abt. 110 x 70cms/43 x 28") and it won't show too many muddy marks or his moulted white fur the minute he lays on it.

Smile for the Day:

eBay is so useless  -  I wanted to buy a lighter and searched but it gave me 13,749 matches!!


~ Anni ~

Oh, and I forgot to mention ..... yesterday's bird feather came from a peacock - outdoorguy was the first to guess correctly (with PicturePoems a close second) - Tim,  you win a great big virtual hug from across the pond!!!!

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