Nice day to be out

Worth attending the eye-clinic if it helps me keep my eye-sight - even allowing for the eye-drops that smart: they numb the eye so that the patient doesn't feel the pressure-probe. We're lucky to live in this century - and for one and all, whatever their circumstances, to have access to the NHS.

Thanks for your good wishes for my back. Although it is still painful, the tablets are helping. I think it's best to try and keep moving, while avoiding sitting or standing still too long. It'll get better in its own good time. Don't have to return to the eye-clinic for another three months.

Blood-test was interesting. Only two stabs this time, but eventually the second one yielded the required quantity. The notes relating to my veins' reluctance to co-operate mean that nurse after nurse wants to avoid seeing me. I fear I shall end up with a DIY kit and a Good Luck card! :-) Still, the nurse reassured me that once the right dose of medication is determined, I might only need blood-tests once a year. Hope she's right.

Need to decide in the next couple of hours whether to dance tonight. Might be pushing my luck. In fact, I think I'd be mad to risk setting myself back ... and it's blowing a gale, too. Home suddenly feels the best place to be.

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