By MikeWest

And Then This...

Returning from my photo walk for today with a few nice shots of woodland and, later, happily sitting in front of my computer, when I looked up and saw this happening. Normally I don't get excited about sunsets, after all there's not much creativity going on when snapping this kind of image - red sky, black trees (and not a great silhouette either).

However, what did interest me were the clouds in the sky and their reflections. I loved the swirling patterns and the stillness of the water with slight ripples to give surface texture. It was a beautiful calm evening.

I took a few shots as the light faded quickly and tried several exposure settings to keep the highlights in the brighter areas of the sky from burning out. The camera definitely doesn't record what my eyes saw, but I think I edited the image pretty close to my memory of the scene.

I recall a few wise words from Joe Cornish:

There are 4 considerations:

What did you see
What do you remember
How you interpret
What the picture needs.

There is a hierarchy, #4 is the trump card.

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