Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

Visit to Waddesdon Manor

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have been out most of the day meeting up with Kathy (Chantler63) at Waddesdon Manor.  

We were really lucky as to start with it was a beautiful day, but as we went for coffee, the rain came down really heavily.  We'd already decided in advance to do a house tour (and for the first time we both used audio guides).  It was so interesting, I'd definitely use an audio guide again :) 

By the time we'd done the house tour it had finished raining, so we had a quick walk to the stables cafe for some soup (and chips in my case) :)

Thanks Kathy for a lovely day (and for the coffee and lunch) :)

Its such a long time since I've visited - here; must make it a shorter length between now and the next visit!

When I got home I found a parcel out on the step - what is it that the post office are doing (that's twice in a week - two days ago one was right where the water comes through the porch roof and the outer wrapping was soaked through :( )  This one was in my 'recycling green bag' which is dirty and  not for putting parcels in - PLUS prevented poor Charlie getting  in or out of the cat flap!!!  

Apologies for the rant!

Happy Thursday folks :)

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