By TrishaR

Last full day in Cádiz

Going to miss this vibrant city so much.

Awake before sun up which is around 810 and I like to go on to the terrace and watch it rise over the rooftops.

Got to make the most of the day so we were away out for breakfast just after 9. The roads and pavements get washed by a water truck every day and streets are litter free. Such a difference from out streets in the UK where all the previous shite of the day can be strewn around. Yep, they take pride in their city employing people to do this work . Another thing I noticed was that if you own a dog, and take it for a walk and it does a pee they squirt the urine with water to dilute it, prob cos of lack of rain so it can discolour the stone work.

S decided he would visit the local museum but I wanted to wander. We met up an hour later for lunch then off to the Torre Tavira, one of the highest spots in the city which also has a camera obscura. The views over the city were stunning almost all of it surrounded by water.

All too soon it was our ‘chill out on the beach at the end of the day with our books’ time with temps hovering around 24/25 it was ideal.

Another delicious meal in a restaurant called Candela - the food has been first class in Cadiz. Seemingly Rick Stein spent a weekend here but I missed that episode.

These five days spent here have been glorious.

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