Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Camera ... action!

My Newhaven family weren't actually acting this out for the camera - it's amazingly hard to capture these moments when everyone's doing fun things, but I felt this came close. One of these afternoons that start out chilly, breezy, unpromising, with suddenly-adolescent mornings about boring walks and the sense that you're doomed to stand around, under-exercised, until it's time to go home - and end with the sun coming out, a half-rainbow to walk towards (see extra photo), and a sudden burst of familial competitiveness when it comes to stone-skiffing. I think we've denuded the Ardyne shore of flat stones for the foreseeable future.

And now #2 son is cooking dinner in my tiny kitchen and I have the rare luxury of blipping before I'm comatose, and on my desktop rather than the phone. Older granddaughter is playing the trombone downstairs with her grandfather on the piano, and younger granddaughter and her mother are reading, on their bed and in front of the fire respectively. Shortly I shall open the Prosecco.

Life is good. Busy, but good.

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