Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Another golden day

Autumn seems to be intensifying its colours with each passing day just now - rather like a red sunset sky in the minutes before the sun vanishes and the clouds are merely grey again. It's impossible for me to go for a walk without pulling my camera out over and over, and it was nearly impossible for me to choose a photo to blip today. The one I did choose shows the road down Glen Massan where it passes the Golden Gates to Benmore Gardens.

It's also impossible to keep raving about autumnal beauty without boring the pants off anyone who reads it, so I'm going to talk briefly about another golden aspect of today. It's illustrated by my extra photo, which shows a thank-you card, an envelope with gorgeous calligraphy on it, and a card which contained a bequest to the church I worship in and love. The thanks are from our Canadian friends who spent an all-too-brief weekend here last month, and reminded me once again how new friendships can spring up at all stages in our lives, and how there are people on the other side of the world who make me feel I've known them for ever. The bequest came from the will of another dear friend, a former rector of the church, and its arrival made me feel that he was looking out for us still.

Sewing, ironing and an x-ray notwithstanding, a golden day indeed.

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