Cornflower - centaurea cyanus

The blue of the cornflower stands out against the browns of autumn. I photographed this one on the Meadows on my walk to work this morning.

At this time of year each day on campus is even busier than the one before. I clocked up six meetings today. I discussed: a grant proposal due for submission by 30th October; the School's research budget; plans for a one-day conference on 14th May 2020; the urgent piece of work that I agreed to help with on Wednesdayfeedback on the full draft of Leo's PhD thesis; and accommodation plans for my new colleague David, who is joining us in January.

I enjoyed the meeting with Leo the most. It's so rewarding to see that all the effort dedicated to his part-time doctoral study has resulted in a strong piece of work.

Exercise today: walking (13,698 steps).

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