Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

A very busy day

A very busy day...

Today is Mum’s Birthday but she passed away in the summer of 2017, inevitably I shed a few tears, A major problem was solved today which is directly related to her so that was very nice indeed!

I didn’t try to keep the day free or anything as life goes on so I went to WW and lost another £2 which is great, the I met Gulliver at 11 am And we went to meet my colleague and friend Chris who has a library music company and he’s going to give Gulliver and industry placement, he gave us a comprehensive overview of the business I’m gonna play some guitar and then the three of us went for lunch in the local pub, I think Gulli will learn a lot from him. The Punk mannequin was in the pub where we had lunch.

Then Chris and I spent for five hours coming up with new song ideas which went really well on my birthday excited, the great thing about lively music is that you can literally do any style you want! Today we did creepy film music and jazz swing.

Back home for dinner with Max and then off out with Emma to see Jonathan Van Ness at Hammersmith, He is on a show we like called queer eye, he is very charismatic and likeable but his show definitely needs work and polish, he brought onto comedians which wasn’t advertised as something that was going to happen, when we didn’t like and one was very funny and in fact the funniest person on the stage that night, it was quite a surreal night because there were a lot of people there literally screaming every time he did anything! Just because people really like you is no excuse not to do a great show however, The venue was massive and he had literally nothing on the stage he did a few costume changes but he really could’ve done more…. Emma drove it was lovely and it was great to spend evening with her.

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