Silly Saturday - Mirrored Ceiling

We’ve had a wonderful day out but it was so hot and a bit of a shock to the system!! It got to 33c sometime through the afternoon and that was about when I realized i’d had enough of traipsing around the city! :o). We came across this mirrored ceiling in a new walkway and started a trend when we took this shot! I looked behind as we walked away and there were about 5 other people doing the same thing lol! : )

We then went to G’s for a very nice afternoon tea and lots of laughter ; )
Then eventually back to J’s house for a lovely roast dinner. I’ve only just arrived home, its late and i’m having trouble staying awake : (. I think I will have to catch up with you all tomorrow after I’ve had a nice bit of a sleep in ;o)xxx

In extra’s is a couple of shots of the big crowd at the World Singing Day gathering in Yagan Square it was lovely to hear all those voices singing ABBA of all things! :o) There were photographers up high in the building and everyone was asked to wave to them for event photos ;o)

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