Silly Sunday - Swan Tries New Sleep Method

Had to laugh when I saw this lovely black swan doing this ;o). Looked like she was asleep but no, just a moment of reflection! lol

I’ve had a perfect rest day today, much reading, eating and watching Netflix. I was a big fan of Breaking Bad back in the day so I watched the new movie El Camino which was good and brought that whole series back to mind.

I’ve also spent a bit of time trying to get a shot of the two baby Laughing Doves in a nest up in the roof of the rooftop garden.
I’ve known they were there for quite a while because mum has been sitting on the nest, but today I could actually see them and they are a perfect pair. I’ve put a fairly basic shot in extras which was the best of a bad bunch which shows them giving me the eye!! :o). I think they’re pretty close to flying away into the world, the mum is hovering around and the dad pops in and makes his lovely coo-ing noise.

And that was Sunday....and that was the end of the weekend which went by far toooooo quickly!!!!

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