By davidc

Silly Saturday: The Dreaded Canon B203 Error Code!

My Dad and I both have *Canon printers (different models) which are about 4 years old, and they've always given excellent results. However, several weeks ago mine came up with Error Code 203 so I thought it had "died". Cue lots of Googling: it seems Code 203 covers a multitude of sins (mainly to do with the print head) and can therefore have several different "cures". Happily mine responded to opening the top (as if to replace an ink cartridge) and closing it before the ink carrier reached the far side. It's been fine since (fingers crossed).

A couple of weeks ago my Dad's came up with the same code, and the same remedy worked...for a while. But a couple of days ago it did it again and refused to respond to that "fix". So he asked me to help. Cue more Googling and trying every suggested fix - including removing the print head and cleaning it gently but thoroughly and replacing it along with a new set of ink cartridges. Sadly - no go, still that silly old Error Code 203.

A new print head costs as much as a new printer (how silly is that?!) and from Google it seems that Canon's response is "buy a new one" (also silly) so I'm afraid it'll be off to the tip. My Dad is now researching a new one.

Thanks as always to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

(* Other printer makes are available.)

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