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Autumn & Spring Community Challenge

In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn is in full swing and every day we see remarkable photographs here on Blipfoto as the deciduous trees and shrubs create a stunning display of red, yellow, orange and brown.

Meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring is arriving and we are already seeing some stunning images of much loved Blip locations in New Zealand including possibly the most famous tree in the world, The Wanaka Tree.

To help you get the best from the remaining weeks of autumn, or indeed spring, here are a few tips:

Check the weather forecast the day before.
A frosty morning or mist can create a wonderful atmosphere resulting in impressive photos.
Equally, bad weather can be your friend with dramatic skies before and after a storm.

Get up early or stay out late and take advantage of the “golden hour”.
Fortunately, at this time of the year in the U.K. that means around 8 a.m. and before 6 p.m. in many places. Early morning sunlight can make the colours even more vibrant and the light at this time of the year is far less harsh than the summer too.

Think about your composition. 
There are so many ways to approach spring and autumn photography, from great vistas to intimate photos of new shoots breaking through as plants come back to life or dead leaves on the ground.

Try something different.
How about creating abstract reflections on water or even move your camera as you press the shutter?
Why not get down on the ground? Prepare to get muddy but you will discover there’s a whole world in amongst the undergrowth!

We are sure that many Blippers would would love to see the changing of the seasons around the planet. If you would like to share your images, please tag a maximum of two images #BCseasons between 21st October and 24th November (no entries submitted outside these dates will be considered).
To be eligible, submitted images must include the following tag: #BCseasons (for Blip Community seasons).

Feel free to include additional tags e.g. #spring or #autumn and a location or subject of the image. And, if you’d be happy for us to share your image on social media, you can also add the tag #OK2share.

We look forward to seeing your photos!

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