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Blippers unite

- Eighteen months on tour
- Sixteen countries
- Multiple Blip Meets
- So many friends, real and virtual

To us, this is an example of Blipfoto at its finest; people coming together sharing stories and photos, connecting with their warmth and hospitality both online and in person.
We introduced you to blipper Kelso (Peggy in real life) and her three dogs back in February 2018. At the time, Peggy who lives in the USA told us, “It’ll probably take a year to get the figurines around the world and back home.”
Yet here we are six months on from that end point and the woollen doppelgängers are still having the time of their lives. It’s clear our blippers are too! 

After their phenomenal reception in Australia and New Zealand where they met at least twenty blippers, they had stopovers in Singapore and India before arriving in England where they have already been entertained by (or perhaps more, been entertaining!) thirty people. Now, across the world, The 3 Amigos have taken part in a number of Blip Meets, often bringing blippers together as they meet their new hosts. 
In real life, in June this year, Peggy’s handsome dog, Kelso, sadly died at the magnificent age of ten years old - a grand age for an Irish wolfhound.
Peggy said, “Kelso’s legacy lives on in the little felt miniatures that are still exploring the world.  My huge thanks to past and future hosts; this adventure has given me so much comfort and ongoing pleasure.”
Kelso does indeed live on as his miniature clone and his journey with his two needle felted friends seems way off finishing with Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Bahrain, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Canada and USA already in the pipeline.  
Click the 3AmigosWorldTour tag to see their amazing journey so far.
Blippers from all corners of the world have offered to host and post photos of The 3 Amigos but you can still join in on their grand tour - send an email request to blipper Kelso at: If you do host The 3 Amigos, you must agree to send them on to the next person on a list that Peggy maintains - scheduled by country, to keep everyone’s costs down.


If you have an ongoing project or are aware of interesting projects being carried out by blippers, we’d love to discover them.  Email us at
Cover photo with thanks to blipper: jensphotos

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