By Kipsie

Liatris spicata .........

the plants I grew from corms & sold for the Rowcroft Hospice sold like hot cakes back in June, the corms I planted in the garden gave me a fabulous show of colour for a long time, & now I have enough seed to grow more, more than enough seed to grow more. I had'nt planned to harvest the seed, but had cut the flowering stems after they'd looked their best and popped them in a ceramic pot in the greenhouse. As a result I have Liatris seed everywhere. Difficult to pick up all the seed scattered around, no doubt seedlings will start to appear around the base of the paving slabs in the greenhouse in the Spring.  Apparently they grow fairly easily from seed but don't flower until the second year of growth. I need a bigger garden.

A gloriously sunny morning, perfect weather for emptying the greenhouse, moving the trays of Hebe cuttings up to the allotment. Scrubbing the staging & floor with Jeye's fluid, then moving in my tender plants plus the ever growing collection of flower & veg seed. I've got bulbs to plant, onion sets to plant out up on the allotment, my winter hanging basket to plant up. I began at 10am, got back from taking the trays of plants, & compostable kitchen waste to the allotment site at 3.30pm.  A good days work done. Time to make dinner. Hubby picked mum up from C.K and dropped her off back here before going to watch the football at the pub. Roast lamb for dinner tonight. I made a blackberry & apple galette for pud. I love oil pastry, so much quicker to make than shortcrust. I started making oil pastry when I was living in Thailand, butter was expensive, margarine not an option, so the oil recipe was perfect.
Yummy dinner.

Watched Strictly results ... David gone!

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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