By Kipsie

There's always one ............

4 European hinges on the bathroom cabinet that George & Jean wanted to be rid of. I took it thinking I could drop it off at the recycle centre/hospice collection point, but then today decided that I could probably use it in the shed up on the allotment, so wanted to remove the mirror doors. All the screws were fixed hard, but hubby was able to undo them bar one .... A little gentle persuasion , prized with a universal screwdriver, problem solved. I might use the mirrors in the garden to create an illusion, or two.
The trees are turning, the colours amazing .. Autumn, what a fabulous time. I walked up to get the paper this morning, the leaves flying all over the place in the wind.

A muddling day ....... 4 trays of Phlox cuttings, 2 trays of hydrangea, plus a pot of 'Constant Gardener' rose cuttings done. All from George & Jeans garden.
Braised oxtail with root veg, honey & cinnamon roasted pumpkin wedges, new potatoes from the plot, & sprouts. It was delicious, even if I say so myself.

I've got to join the ends of my knitted scarf together to make it an infinity scarf. Who knew? Infinity scarf?

GBBO tonight .. First challenge - make a Cornish pasty, using any form of pastry & filling. Now there's a fine way to upset the Cornish.... LOL!!! Mind, the results were pretty horrendous.

Thanks to Philippa aka ApolloFly for setting the subject  'hard as nails' for Tiny Tuesday

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