Rain, rain, rain, rain, beautiful rain

It is completely ok with me that it rained all day because I spent the whole day cleaning/grocery shopping/photo editing. I believe I'm done with the photo shoot from yesterday. I look forward to Luminar 4 being released though, it will make portraits soooo much easier to edit. If I successfully attach it you'll see one of the portraits from yesterday. I've deleted the part of the window frame so it looks like they have an even larger window behind them. They have silly pictures and pictures of joy and love and happiness and it almost compensates for me forgetting the bag of modifiers which also had ..... props! I had an idea for a shot with each of them having a different item in their hand, a wooden soup spoon, a drill, a wand, and a pencil. Rats! 

I am so glad that flash technology has radically improved recently and that a company has entered the market with much cheaper prices. I'm so lucky. 

On that note, good luck to us all for the week ahead. 

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