There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Great Plant Rescue

It was a case of fortuosity, really. On Friday, my husband and I stopped for a few groceries at Giant in town. After the checkout, there was a big table with plants on and a sign that said FREE!

They all looked like they needed a little TLC, but two of them had blooms: one pink, one purple. So I nabbed them and brought them home. When it comes to prices, you can't beat free.

I left them on the porch over the weekend, which is probably a good thing, because it turns out that these plants are cyclamen, and they are toxic to cats and dogs.

I never trust Dexter with strange plants, as he is wont to chew on things. But outdoors, they were fine, and on Monday morning, I took them in to work, where they will sit in a window (and bloom cheerfully, we hope).

The Dancing Girls currently live on a plant on the front porch, so of course, they were anxious to do the meet-and-greet with the newcomers. (Can you say Welcome Wagon?) The Dancing Girls' dresses nearly matched the colors of the blooms on the new plants. What a nice coincidence!

And Tiny Tiger, who is sort of the staff doctor, came out to minister to the little plants. We cleared away the dead leaves, did a thorough examination, gave the plants a little drink of water, talked sweetly to them, and threw some loving on them. Now, let's hope they grow!

Here's a soundtrack song from the film The Rescuers. It's Someone's Waiting for You, sung by Shelby Flint.

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