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By Sheol

Stepping down

Mono Monday: Lines

The challenge this week is "lines".  Its been a busier day than I initially anticipated which has rather restricted my daylight hours outside the office, but I did manage to grab this shot with the iPhone, which is on topic I think.

I've recently installed the latest version of Apple's operating system - Catalina. I don't actually allow the Photos application to manage my photos preferring to stick with specialist software.  But as a result getting a photo from my iPhone onto the Mac and into the right folder has proven to be quite a challenge.  If you are prepared to let Photos take control I dare say it is all terribly easy, but to make it do what I wanted it to do, rather less so - even with the phone plugged into the Mac.  

Anyway, rant over.

In other news, my son has bought his first car today and enjoyed the luxury of being able to do the week's shopping without having to lug it all back on the bus.  He's terribly pleased :-). My daughter's boyfriend (who confusingly shares my son's first name) has now heard that he has been accepted onto a grad scheme with a major firm of accountants.  He won't start until next September, but he has his place.  The older generation can stop worrying about the younger generation, for tonight at least.

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