By LincolnWarrior

Lighting the way

This evening after work I had to pop home before doing the weekly shop  as we was suppose to be having the plumber come to refit the radiator. No sign of him when I got home thinking I had missed him I rang him to find that the traffic was very bad and he was unable to get to us this evening. This is due to lots of roadworks all over the city at the same time making the city gridlocked at the evening rush hour. We have rearranged  for in the middle of the day when Julie will be at home. I then gave it half hour to allow the traffic to calm down around my part of the city and went and got a blip before it got completely  dark. This shot shows a light in the local park with the reflection of the light colour popped . 
Shopping done and away and a late tea out of the way time to relax with a spot of football on TV.

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