On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

Celebratory Sundae

So this morning I headed to work for the paperwork and then over to the doctors for my yearly work physical. After filling out another 5 pages of paperwork they called my name.

First I tested the scale to see if it could handle my weight, the nurse got a step stool to check my height, she asked me can I see the eye chart, yes I can see the eye chart. Can you see the colors on the wall, yes I can see the colors on the wall and then see handed me a cup to fill up.... No sugars and proper temperature. The rest got seal up to go to never never land to see if anything "happy" is included. 

Then headed for a room that seemed to be on max cool and told to get half undressed. It seemed like a few days passed before the doctor came in. Follow the light, put the light in the left ear and make sure you can see it in the right ear, touch your toes, touch you nose and at this point, i saw the rubber gloves come out... Passed the physical and now 1/3 of the ordeal was over. 

I then headed over to the Department of Licensing to watch paint dry. I think War and Peace could have been read twice. No questions were asked as I know the routine. Hand over your drivers license, your new medical card and watch the person behind the counter say come back in thirty minutes as it was their lunch time. Second third accomplished as now the state and federal government had a copy of my new medical card and I now could officially drive again. 

Of course I had to go back to work to hand over the new medical card and my complete  file book to my boss so she could send one page / fax at a time to Arkansas so that they could put me into the company system as a legal steering wheel holder.  Mission Accomplished. What's even better is in 350 days or so, I get to do this all over again  just for the privilege to drive a truck.

Knowing now that according to the doctor I had a pulse and seemed ok (if only she knew), I headed over to the blood bank to donate a pint and help save a life.

Time for something I rarely have.. A strawberry sundae..Tomorrow I'll be dropping appliances here and there and will likely snore in the truck again...  

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