If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Great Haywood Marina Solace Day 1

A slow start as we waited to be told if the water supply problem on the boat had been fixed.  It had so we were underway before 10:30.  Traffic on the motorway was dot bad so we made reasonable time, stopping for
lunch at Charnock Richard services. At the marina we soon had the car unloaded then "the mate" and I set off to Aqueduct Marina to Leave the Land Rover.

This trip we end the cruise at Aqueduct rather than Great Haywood.  Solace is being painted over the winter and Canal and River Trust start their winter work in November.  The result is that we have to be past as 
stoppage due to start on 2nd.  Putting the Land Rover at Aqueduct means when we arrive we can drive back to Great Haywood and collect the Volvo.

The trip back up M6 was terrible!  Eleven miles of speed restrictions (50mph) 6 of which had an average speed check.  No trouble, my Sat Nav said the average speed was 3mph.   Yes that's right 3mph.  Eventually we arrived  technically reception was closed.  Fortunately the staff were in there relaxing overa bottle of beer.  So we successfully booked a valet and explained about which vehicle we had parked.  By the time we were back from Aqueduct Marina it was too late to start out.

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