By hazelh

hazelh impersonator

While I was finishing off a bowl of porridge in chilly Edinburgh this morning, many of my academic pals were sitting down to an awards banquet to mark the end of the 2019 ASIST conference in Melbourne, Australia. I would have joined them for the conference had my teaching commitments not been so great this semester.

Since I could not be there, yet was winner of one of the awards, I asked my Canadian colleague Brian to collect the prize of 'Outstanding Information Science Teacher' on my behalf. Brian is the nearest that I have to a colleague at the conference this week: he is the visiting professor in my research group at Edinburgh Napier University. (By the way, I think that it is rather fitting that I could not be there due to my commitment to teaching!)

On the right of this photograph (kindly blipped for me by Becky) is Brian. The award is presented by Abebe Rorissa of the State University of New York. I think that Brian would have been a more convincing impersonator in a ginger wig...

I've worked really hard today to work out how I can help my colleagues with the urgent task that was passed on to me last week. Unfortunately I think that they have left everything far too late. We'll pick up the conversation again tomorrow to decide for certain.

Exercise today: none.

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