Remember that proposal I wrote and that we won? My company isn't so happy that we won it. 

Yes, I know, that doesn't make sense stated that way but this is the internet so I'm going to leave it vague. I do understand....I don't disagree.....but....

It feels like I walked on water and the only outcome is that my feet stayed dry. 

I still have a job. My advancement opportunities are probably reduced because my ability to grow the work in my sector is reduced. I really like where I work and I've worked enough bad places to appreciate that. It has been a good place to recover, emotionally and physically. I did get comfort food for tonight though. If you're curious, my comfort food is spicy drunken noodles. 

On the bright, happy side, I printed a copy of my Milky Way over Mammoth Hot Springs picture. My cousin loved the picture so much that she made it the screen on her phone. I sent her the print. She is overjoyed. She is also delighted that, as a metal print, it came with hanging hardware. It arrived in only two days! It speaks to her. She even made me a video about how happy she is. 

The trip to Vietnam is postponed from this Friday to next Friday which is a relief. I love pictures I've seen of Vietnam so hopefully I'll get to take some wonderful ones while I'm there.

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