Day at a Time

By Tweedy


I set myself a bit of a challenge today. All those lights, lines, reflections, people and all that movement. And a strange angle from behind glass. It wasn't easy to photograph. Anyway here it is - curling at The Peak, Stirling's leisure centre. I've never given curling a go but it looks good fun.

The four year old and I were there shortly after 09:00. We'd decided to go swimming this morning. This isn't something I've done with her very often as she goes every week with her dad. I was so impressed and delighted by her confidence in the water. Just like her dad in fact. After using up a lot of energy we went for a snack in the cafe that overlooks the ice-rink and watched the curling in progress.

Once the four year old has gone home I'll be off to yoga then a meeting with other community councillors this evening. That's two nights out in a row for me - not my ideal really. But all with good pals and nice people and local.

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