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Creative Solutions

When you train dog dancing, you often have to teach moves, that no one has performed before, so no one can tell you have to teach it. 

Hero and I are in the process of learning a new routine and one of the moves are causing troubles. So this entire set up is an attempt to make it easier for Hero to understand, what it is I want. Time will tell if is works. In this sport, you have to come up with some creative solutions sometimes. 

After work today, we spent 1½ hours in the training hall and then we went home. 

We had had 2 parcels delivered, which was waiting for us outside the door. One parcel was 14 kilos of dog training treats and the other one was a new bed for the boys. My boys are usually not very good at new beds, so time will tell if it was a waste of money or if they actually appreciate it :-)

I fed dogs and had some food myself and then I went to the local dog school, where I was teaching my last dog trick class for this season.

Time for bed soon. 

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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