St Andrews

My first run for a wee while, as I still have the remnants of the cold.  It was a struggle to get going, but got easier, and five miles was done.  Later in the morning we four took the bus to St Andrews.  My mum and da had a wander around the town, while B and I went to the cathedra and went up St Rules Towner – enjoying the views all around, and spotting the Bell Rock lighthouse once again.  We wandered down to the harbour and then met my mum and dad back in town for lunch.  BB had requested pizza, and I must say he did well, eating his own and some of granny’s and some of grandad’s.

Our next stop was the castle, to check out the bottle dungeon, the mine and the countermine.  Even with his broken arm, he was keen to go down the tunnel!  We popped into a couple of shops and then got the bus home. It was so nice, not having to bother with the car and parking.

No one was very hungry after our big lunch, so my dad and I went for our evening constitutional round by the harbour, spotting lighthouses at St Abbs, the Isle of May and Fidra.  Later I did have to rustle up some snack s for people, but that was easier than cooking!

Here is a view from the harbour wall in St Andrews.

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