Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Hello Lovely Blippers

JH Ted here again.  The weather was a bit mucky this morning, so when I heard Mr. HCB say to Mrs. HCB that he would take her out for coffee, probably because it was too wet to work in the garden, I knew she would be taking her shopping bag - so no guesses for where I ended up! 

First of all, they went to Jack’s Coffee Shop in Old Town and met several friends. They do seem to know a lot of people so there were lots of hugs and exclamations of “Haven’t seen you two for a long time!”  After that, they just got on with drinking coffee but I was very disappointed that I wasn’t offered the Jaffa cake that Mrs. HCB didn’t want - she must be mad - who doesn’t like a lovely Jaffa cake -  but I noticed Mr. HCB didn’t refuse! 

Two of their friends, Dave and Gill, remarked how slim Mrs. HCB was looking and Dave said “No doubt you’ve gone down a shoe size, so you’d better come over to the shop and buy some new ones,” so you can guess where the HCBs went next!  

Dave used to be the Manager of Blaylock’s, Swindon’s only family-run shoe shop, started in 1920 and which has traded through four generations but now his son, Mark, has taken over.  The shop is well known for its excellent service and quality shoes and Mrs. HCB reminded me that her older son, Martyn, screamed the shop down when she first took him in to buy his first pair of Start-Rite shoes about 47 years ago!  Then Mr. HCB told me that he is related to the Blaylocks by marriage - what a small world it is - and I wonder who else these HCBs are related to?
Of course, I was looking around for anything pink and found these wonderful slippers. However, I was very disappointed that they didn’t have my size.  I was told they could order them, but pink may not be my favourite colour next month!  I had to do a little rearranging but Dave and Mark didn’t appear to mind - and they both seemed very friendly.  What a busy morning - I think I need to have a lie down while Mrs. HCB goes over to see her Mum.

You know the drill by now - I hope you have all been clicking for the last 23 days - why not make it 24 days in a row! 

Please join Mrs. HCB and me during 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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So that those who are not able to pay
Can have a free mammogram. 

“Breast cancer is scary and
     no one understands that like another woman 
          who has gone through it too.” 
Mindy Sterling

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