Hello Lovely Blippers,

I don’t suppose you will guess where Mrs. HCB took me this afternoon!  She was a bit mean and didn’t take me to the Girls About Town programme at the Swindon 105.5 Radio Station this morning - see the extra shot minus me -  so when she came home, I quickly jumped into her bag, because I thought that if she was going out again, then I wanted a piece of the action.

We had a good bus ride and then a wander through the town centre, before arriving at a place called Advance Dental Surgery - well I knew that “dental” related to the teeth, but no-one had prepared me for the meeting with the receptionist there, whose name is Debbie.  When I tell you she is as “nutty as a fruit cake” you probably know what I mean!   She was a bundle of laughs from the time we walked in until we left and was amusing the daughter of the Dentist, who happened to be in the surgery with her Mum, who also works there sometimes, by blowing up the purple latex gloves. Mind you, Mrs. HCB and Debbie are "two of a kind" if you ask me!

I thought it would be a good idea to have my photograph taken with the false teeth that usually sit on the front desk so Debbie went hunting for them and eventually found them in the Hygienist’s room.  I then managed to balance on top of them so you can see why I have entitled this Blip “Wacky Wednesday”.  I must admit, I was quite glad to get home for a rest, because we were all laughing so much that my ribs hurt.  Mr. and Mrs. HCB always say it is always a pleasure and a delight to go to see their Dentist, and I can now see why.

Fortunately, Mr. and Mrs. HCB both got a “clean bill of health” with regard to their teeth, so won’t need to go back for another six months - but I heard Mrs. HCB ask Debbie if she liked chocolate biscuits, so I guess some may change hands soon - perhaps for Christmas - but we won’t be telling the Dentist, as I feel he might not be very happy with his staff eating all that sugar!

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“When someone has cancer, 
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          everyone who loves them does, too.”  
Terri Clark

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