By flavia13


A funny, not in a good way, sort of day.  Not a horrible day just a funny sort of day.  I NEED CHOCOLATE.


Got up early, noticed that the leg bubble has grown enormously (see extra for anyone interested, don't look otherwise not a great sight), at least it's not quite as itch as it was.  I'm a bit concerned and just a little bit down about this bubble again,  having two a couple  of months ago, but another one now - aaarrggh - annoying;  I'm at a loss to know how anything, if it is a bite, bit me because the only woodland/lakeside walk I've done was last Friday and I had on long trousers and socks!!??

However we mainly got up early so we could let Nathan in, the guy coming to add the lintle onto the fireplace today.   Whilst waiting for him I thought I would use the "AskMyGP" again, hoping to allay my concerns.   After I'd sent that on, I phoned Lakes Energy Service, no answer so left a message asking them to confirm that Nathan was coming today.  Ensured room was covered over ready for Nathan's visit - still no reply from them.

Within one hour of me using the "AskMyGP" my own GP was on the phone saying she would like to see me as it didn't seem right to get another one.  She arranged for me to go and see her at 12 noon TODAY - WOW.  

So frantically rung Hubby to come home (he'd popped into town to have a coffee and teacake with Bill  in Thyme Out).  

Fed up with not hearing from Nathan, so rang again,  this time using 141 so my number wouldn't show up (being sneaky).  Someone answered.  They said they would contact Nathan to find out.  40 minutes later she called back to say, no Nathan wasn't coming today he was going to finish everything off on Monday - she didn't know why!!!!   Soooo damn annoyed (sorry for the slight swear word).

Anyway that meant Hubby could come to Doctors with me.  Doctor looked at bubble, checked up on previous bubbles and admitted she was at a loss to know what it was, and like me, was a bit concerned because having it happen once before was one  thing but the exact same thing to come back again was just a little concerning;  She'd done some research and couldn't find anything like it, except for someone in the 80s maybe but that wouldn't just be on the legs and not one at a time, months apart.  She gave it long name beginning with P!!!!  She said it could well be just an insect bite but she wants to refer me to a Dermatologist, and asked my permission to do so!!!!

The Doctor sent off a referral whilst I was there after having looked at all the options and decided that a referral to a GP in Kendal who specialises in  Dermatology would be my best chance to be seen quickly.  She made the arrangements, marked it "as urgently as possible". 

I now have to ring tomorrow to see when I can be fitted it.  She said to still see the nurse on Monday IF I don't manage to get an appointment within a week, but I was to keep photographs of it all.

Whilst there she said, I see you've been invited for a flu jab and you haven't replied.  I explained it was because we were away at the time I got the invite and then forgot.  She said she could it for me now - INSTANT  PANIC - I have a huge phobia with needles - aaaarrrgggh..  Anyway I was VERY BRAVE, FOR ME - and said yes.  She was brilliant, barely felt a thing and it was all done and dusted.

WHAT AN AMAZING SERVICE HUH!!! So it's just a matter of wait and see now.  So no walks now until the bubble has gone.

All this has left me a bit jaded, OK just a bit jaded, so I'm just going to sit and sort out some photo files now.  Hubby is in garden and I daren't go anywhere near grass again just in case.  So I took this from our lounge of him raking up the little lawn we have.  (Our bungalow is sort of built into the side of a hill, which means the front is level wit the drive but back slopes downwards - hence we have a balcony and I took this photo of Hubby looking down on him.

Enough for one day.  Sorry for ramble and rant but I needed to do that.  I thank you so much for dropping by and hope you are all well, see you all tomorrow..  

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