Mangere Island, from above Kokowai Cove ...

... Waihere Bay, Pitt Island

We visited Waihere Bay again this morning, this time from the north.
The geology of this area shows the history of the world, from very early history and including Gondwanaland, with bands of fossils, (including fossilised wood), ash from past major eruptions (Lake Taupo in the North Island of NZ being one of the two largest in the world) and many different rocks. It was absolutely fascinating, and we weren't there nearly long enough.
I really do need to go and do some research and get a better understanding about what we were told and shown.

Many thanks for all the feedback on my previous Chatham & Pitt Islands blips. It's all been gratefully received - especially the faves :)

This view of Mangere Island shows the intense red of the clay above Kokowai Cove, high above the Pacific Ocean. Some of the rock formations have been hewn into sculptures by the wind.

After lunch we headed up to the local school, to hear the local school children presenting their speeches for the annual schools' competition.  3 of our NPS members were judges and were very professional in their approach. The children were amazing and so knowledgeable with their chosen speech subjects. It was all so informative and carried out with enthusiasm and elan. Such a priviledge to be there!

We then wandered up to the cemetery to investigage the headstones and read the stories, followed by a visit to the gaol - hewn into the rock on the seashore. I can't imagine a less hospitable place. Finally, a delightful wee fantail fluttering around the seashore, won my heart.

We're unable to leave Pitt tomorrow as the sea swells & wind knots are too high for the fishing boats to leave port, and the plane isn't flight worthy. So we're here at Pitt for an extra day. Nobody is upset about that!

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