Pitt Island Tui

Such a beautiful bird! It’s somewhat larger than the mainland/NZ Tui.

All of us seven walked up hill and downhill this morning, to see some nesting Pitt Island shags. It was wonderful seeing about 12 shags nesting on narrow ledges on the very steep cliff. I’m sorry I can’t put a photo into Extras - I’m feeling very Extra deprived these days.

We’ve been staying at the very wonderful Flowerpot Lodge while we’ve been here on Pitt. It’s a destination in itself! Wonderful lodgings, and even more wonderful hosts. Brent & Bernie have been so kind and helpful in every way, and their knowledge of Pitt Island is prodigious. Bernie was born here.

It looks like the weather will be ok tomorrow for us to go back to Chatham Island/main island. We’ve loved our enforced extra day though!

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