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Gifting of Memberships

Hi everyone,

We've got a lovely bit of news for you today. We've reintroduced the ability to donate a membership to another member.

As you'll know, there are two levels of membership on the site: free and paid. To make a community as vibrant as this one, both are vital - so there will be no change to this.

There are some bills to pay in running the site: server costs and some development work to improve the site. It's these costs that the paid memberships cover for us, and every membership bought enables us to do more for the site.

Gifting memberships was always a well loved part of the previous incarnation of the site, so we're really happy to be able to bring it back.

There's a new FAQ on how gifting works here, but in summary:

- You'll find the link to Gift a Membership on a member's profile page.

- You can only buy an annual membership, not a monthly subscription.

- If the member is already a paid member, the gift will just add on to the end of their membership period - extending their membership by a year.

- If you receive the gift of a membership you'll be given the choice of accepting or ignoring it - you're under no obligation to accept it.

- If a member chooses not to take up their gift of membership, then the donor has still done a wonderful thing in donating to the running of Blipfoto.

- You can choose to give the gift anonymously if you wish to.

That's it - have a great weekend everyone.

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