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A Big Thank You from Blipfoto

It’s that time of year when we here at Blip Central take a moment to remember meeting for the first time in 2015 to start planning the crowd funding buyout of Blipfoto on behalf of the Community.  A few months later the community had raised sufficient money to complete the purchase of the site and we were able to reintroduce paid memberships in November 2016 to place Blipfoto on a sustainable footing.  

So we just wanted to give a great big thank you if you’re about to or have already renewed your annual membership.  That equally goes for everyone with a paid membership, but we mention it now because the majority of the site’s income is received during these few weeks at the end of October and beginning of November. 

Currently, just about all of the money from paying members goes towards maintaining and operating the site.  It's one of the reasons that we recruited our Marketing Ambassadors earlier this year to look to increase the membership, particularly paying members.  Every additional paying member increases the opportunity for new enhancements and functionality.
This year we’re particularly excited to see the gifts of memberships being used for the first time since we announced that new option in October.  This is precisely in the spirit of Blipfoto and we were really delighted to be able to bring this much-loved feature back for members.  Just a quick mention that we are aware that one or two members have had some teething problems with this new functionality.  If that happens to you, just get in touch with us via the helpdesk so we can sort it out.
If you’re new to Blipfoto, or haven’t taken advantage of a paid membership before, you can find out the benefits by visiting your personal membership page.  It also shows the cost, which you can also spread over the year if you want using the monthly plan.   

Don’t forget Blipfoto remains available to everyone who uses it because of the money received from paid memberships.  We don’t draw income from any other sources.  Of course, we appreciate that not everyone wants to, or will be able to pay.  One of the important aspects of Blipfoto is we continue to offer a free membership option.  That reflects the memberships wishes from past community surveys.  Even so, if you aren’t currently a paid member, please have a think about making the commitment to support the continued running of the site.  The more money received the greater our opportunity to improve the site.
Thanks again for making Blipfoto such as special place.

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