Rainbow Mineral

We have quite an extensive collection of mineral samples, collected from various museum gift shops when the boys were young. This chunk of silicon carbide, also known as carborundum, sits on a shelf near my desk and is one of the most colourful.

On a day with continuous rain and heavy grey skies I felt the need of an injection of colour, so took a few photographs of it this evening, deliberately using a very shallow depth of field, and playing with the focus to give an abstract representation of the colours. This was Pete's favourite - I've put another one in extras.

Hopefully the sun will be out again tomorrow, and I can escape from the computer for a while. Though the upside of the horrid weather is that I've finally collated all my Coll and Tiree data for the BSBI Recorder, so that it can be included in the BSBI 2020 Atlas!

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