By mollyblobs

Dripping Bonnet

I was struck down with a mystery virus yesterday, the same one that Ben had last week, so spent a day in bed - very frustrating as it was beautifully sunny. After sleeping most of the morning I perked up enough to finish my current book, so at least I achieved something.

I was still feeling quite weak and wobbly this morning, so just went for a short walk round Thorpe Wood, which is still full of fungi, though some of the early ones have now gone. Today there were lots of these tiny mushrooms (the caps all less than 1 cm across) growing on twigs on the woodland floor. 

I wasn't sure that I'd be able to put a name on them, but having pored over my fungi books I'm fairly confident that they're Dripping Bonnet Mycena rorida because the stipe is covered with a sticky sheath which was very obvious in the current damp conditions. This is a widespread species which grows on small twigs and leaf litter, and is surprisingly attractive when examined closely.

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