By CleanSteve

Swans in autumnal light at Frampton Court lake

My afternoon visit to Frampton Court lake was well worth the effort. Although there were fewer birds and less variety of species the light of the setting sun was glorious.  

There were more than thirty swans at this end of the lake all feeding on the weeds growing from the bottom of the shallow lake, which is quite shallow this late in the year. 

I spoke to a keen bird watcher who said that a whooper swan had been sighted earlier today, which is an unusual visitor, but it wasn't showing this afternoon to him or me. A little egret flew to the distant shore alighting daintily amongst the reeds. Several cormorants flew in circuits around the lake and a flock of coots and a single grebe ducked and dived.

A charming fisherman walking his dogs explained that this lake is a famous venue for carp fishing. He showed me photos of the 45lb carp (yes, really; It was huge) he'd caught last year, and explained how their club worked, which was fascinating. I learnt a lot about the life in and around the lake and I'll now look upon the surface of the water with fresh eyes!

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