Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

No Regrets....?

Not yet. Taylor Swift seems to be settling in very nicely. She is loving her walks, as opposed to the 2x 20 minute walks a day as recommended by the Dogs Trust where we picked her up from. She likes her (dog) food. Likes her bed, but also likes the sofa as she tries to hop on when we're not looking. Sleeps when she knows when she should. Socialising with other dogs? Still work to do on this one, but I'm sure we'll get Taylor to make chums swiftly. 

This pic was taken as we walked past the park on the way to my Father In-Law's house for a spot of decorating. I tried in vain to get a decent shot of Taylor, but as much as she loves herself, she cannot get her head around the whole "smile at the fecking camera" routine. One day that perfect pet pic will happen. Spent most of today scraping the wallpaper of P's bedroom walls and filling in the cracks. Taylor was very good and well behaved despite the occasional yapping at the neighbour's dogs when we let her out in the yard. Found some out of date wholenut in the fridge. Out of date, what, how??? We threw it away into our mouths of course! Glossing tomorrow.

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