Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

When Focus Becomes Fockus

Taylor Swift does not get the smile at the camera thing. At 8.5 years old one would've thought she had the brain capacity to try and at least look down the lens. Bichon Frises are supposed to be clever aren't they? Perhaps I am hoping for too much? We have only had her for one night and I'm already moaning! I shouldn't be because there was no wee or poop on our floor boards this morning. Nor did she bark/howl/whimper throughout the night like she needs to be sleeping on a (cosy) human bed. She eats dog food (I was worried Taylor's previous owner spoilt her with human treats and food). Not totally naughty (she likes to jump onto the sofa, a thing we're working on). And despite lastnight's late confusion, she seems to accept that her bed is her bed. So from that view point, I should NOT be complaining one bit! The main thing is that Taylor is putting smiles on our faces.

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