One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Plastic Oirish...

Finn proudly displaying his Three-a-day (with a little bit of help from Christophe). 
It's not three pieces of plastic that they collected but three bags. 

There were much slimmer pickings on the beach at Spanish Point. There was a bit of a problem actually. Another plastic waste picker. Of the most zealous kind. Words were exchanged between him and Christophe, as they fought over who had first seen a discarded bottle of Fairy liquid and an old Nike sole. 
The Challenger claimed rather loudly that he had been picking plastic flotsam for three years, that he was not an eleventh hour ecowarrior like some frauds in the vicinity. Christophe saw red and yelled at him that he had been picking polystyrene jetsam since the mid nineties.
Much insults were then traded, and numbers of collected cubic meters and metric tons were compared and dismissed. 
Meanwhile Finn was quietly picking up plastic rings that old six-packs of beer together discarded by morons and that choke cormorants. 
The old warriors should be wary of the new generation...    

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