By wellsforzoe

A New preschool area

27th October 2019:

This is Margaret, our head of preschools, with a new group of students

Every Saturday  she looks the plan for the week on our big blackboard and decides where she decides which of our four vehicles she will travel on to visit a new area and talk to the people about preschools but also about growing forestry or just firewood trees, but she regularly covers all aspects of what we can do in an area.
Her big job is to get village women together and train them to set up a little preschools and train them to become the carers.

This is a hugely successful project and a great help to get kids into education as sometimes six year olds have become part of the workforce.

She is amazing at her job and is the go-to person when the Social Welfare want to get training in areas where they are active

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