Poor Mabel.  Yesterday, she was feeling really ill, with lots of vomiting and (bloody) purging from the other end as well.  We took her to the vet yesterday afternoon, where we sat for over three hours while they poked her with needles and ran blood work.  They wanted to do X-rays as well, but she had had ENOUGH, and wasn't going to cooperate if her life depended on it!  So we brought her home, and then returned first thing this morning so they could sedate her and do the scans.  $1,000 later, we were told everything looked normal.  This was great news, but awfully hard on the wallet!  She is on antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, and pain pills, and will need to be watched carefully for the next week. 

We were supposed to be leaving tomorrow for a two-week road trip to Florida (with Mabel along for the ride), but we made the decision to postpone until she's well and truly in the clear.  We'll probably wait until the Spring to go.

Here she is, safe at home at last, in her own comfy bed, no doubt wondering what possessed us to take her to that torture chamber!

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