Have a little heart

Or a big one!

This is a large glass heart pendant (charity shop find!) I have yet to wear it but think it’s a nice image to start November with as it spreads a bit of joyfulness. I think it’s rather Helena Bohnham Carter emo style?

Day of admin and still lots to do

It’s pouring down outside and I haven’t been out. Still a little bit delicate after my
Migraine on Wednesday.

Fun fact: The pre- Christian Celtic year began on the 1st November with the festival of Samhain - it marks the beginning of winter and cattle are traditionally brought in from pastures today (well according to my Almanac).

I’m thinking of making Figgy Pudding this year for the first time ever and I think November is the month to get started! I’ve found a recipe with excellent reviews.

Two people who do the same job as me have both left work (for a while) to have knee/leg operations and I got an email today from one of them to tell me I was ‘the last woman standing’ . . . Oh dear

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