Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Ever a sucker...

...for an oddity. Aloe-notVera.
In fact Aloe Bakeri; or, more accurately - in excess of 3-4 Bakeri. as is my wont = about 1/2 price (Well, near 'nuff)
£5.99 for £2.99
I decided to get Alice's camera "looked at" in Carlisle. While there I shot off up/across to Dobbies for a meal somebody else made, as is my frequent habit. Saw these poor wee beasties loitering by the till, where I found out my card was 2 days out of time & replaced it. - Why not?
Trouble is - having done that AND shopped, it now feels like Saturday, so? What do I do upon the morrow.

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