Sleepy Abe

The rain started during the night and continued for most of the morning. We checked the weather radar and spotted a gap of about half an hour in the rain, so we set forth to the Wetlands for a good walk. Abe was exhausted, racing around after swallows (not a chance of catching them, but enjoying the chase) and the frisbee (still not much of a chance of catching it!) We got back into the car just as the rain started up again. It's been on and off all day. It's good to have a cooler day.

Today would have been my beautiful Cousteau's 14th birthday. Funny how much Abe's pose reminded me of him - just in monotone. I miss Cousteau so much. He was a beautiful boy. Abe is great too, of course, but Cousteau will always have part of my heart.

I like having a sleepy puppy; it means we're doing our job!


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