FlowerFriday01_2019 Drenched

The rain that held off for last night's festivity was back again today, so garden shot it is with plenty of rain drenched flowers to choose from.  We have a large number of roses still in bloom along with begonias and busy lizzies and even a couple of cranesbills  just about holding on.  The pond at the top of the road is beginning to look like a pond again, which is excellent news for the waterfowl that visit.
In other news:  I took delivery of my new sewing machine today, a replacement for the one that I bought 29 years ago.  Although the old one was definitely cutting edge for its time and I'm used to quite complex 'computerised ' machines, I think I'll be studying the new manual for a while before actually sewing anything!

Many thanks to BikerBear for her continued hosting of FF.

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