By Ronniebofa

Thanks Sainsbury’s for your yellow labels

Seems that most of my shopping these days is made up of yellow label goods that are sold at a reduced price since they are approaching or have reached their sell by/use by date. Of local supermarkets Sainsbury’s offers the best selection of such goods with the biggest discounts (usually more than 50%). Today I saved over £10 on what I purchased and I had to use a lot of willpower to avoid buying more. With my diet I watch calories, eat lots of vegetables and cook from scratch. If I was on a limited budget and allowed myself ready meals I could have stocked up on 2 weeks of main meals for less than £20 and these would have included some luxury Thai meals as well as British classics.
By offering yellow labels at a discount supermarkets help avoid good food being sent to landfill. Just a pity more supermarkets did not offer the same range of yellow label goods as Sainsburys or the same level of discount: Morrisons note, a discount of 30p on a ticket price of £3 is insufficient to attract demand for a product at its sell buy date.

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